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Sizzlin Calendar

Sizzlin' Summer

Our Annual Guide To Seasonal Places And Events

Emily C-D

Sizzlin Summer 2007

Summer Loving City Paper’s 2007 Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

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Posted 5/23/2007

Crazy, mild, mixed-up winter seemed to last forever this year. And then, suddenly, anticipated and desired summer snuck up--and boom: Heat hit full force this month with pollen counts higher than Sudafed-head and gas prices acting like we don't notice how wack they are. We wish Baltimore's shimmery summer months might shine a gentle smile on us, but we can't imagine, with all the global warming jazz going down, that June, July, and August are gonna be anything shy of Hades hot. So relax, and ride your bike and car-pool more so you can afford the trip to the pump before your trip to the good times.

Where to go? Our steaming Sizzlin' Summer calendar features attractions and events in categories like recreation, including Ocean City and gardens; festivals in B-more, Maryland, and points beyond; sports; the arts; the historical stuff our state is so freaking insane for (you know who you are, re-enactors); chow downs, including a list of fresh markets and bevies; and kiddie crap, with a sweet list of zoos. Plus, an exhaustive list of theater, a pull-out-and-stick-on-your-office-wall summer music rundown, and informational web sites telling even more about the Mid-Atlantic. Our goal was to provide a road map for summer fun off your--and our--beaten path. You wanna stay updated on events taking place in our neck of the woods all summer long? Every week, right here in the Baltimore Weekly, baby. Who's your daddy?

After rounding up, branding, and training this herd of stuff--and putting in her own Sizzlin'-hot tips--Karma Ward is prolly on her way to white-water raft; Wendy Ward took the reins and rode the beast in. Special thanks to Jeremy Esperon for the music and theater sections and to Leah Greenberg for editorial assistance. Emily C-D drew the drawings. Cowgirl up!

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