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Sizzlin Calendar

Downy Ocean, Hon

Emily C-D

Sizzlin Summer 2007

Summer Loving City Paper’s 2007 Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

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Posted 5/23/2007


Dick Gelfman's Ride Across MD, 7 a.m.-midnight, June 2-3, Francis Scott Key Family Resort, 12806 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, (410) 992-9999, Don't let the name of this event fool you into thinking about a different part of the anatomy; this ride is to save the ta-tas. Cheer on a bunch of bad ass bikers wearing pink and join them in the fight against breast cancer. Riders, passengers, and cars willing to drive safely around a bunch of motorcycles, raise money by trekking from the Columbia Mall to Ocean City. Food, fun, and entertainment plus a crazy amount of support will be anticipating their arrival, when the real party begins. City Paper sizzlin' hot tip: This is the coolest event of the summer!

Village Fair, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. June 9, Historic Berlin, (410) 629-1595, Old time celebration with a 21st-century twist. Includes handmade arts and crafts, an antique appraiser, petting zoo, storytelling, and bath tub race. All the usual suspects, right? That is, until the main event, the Berlin Idol Competition! Oh yeah, their logo looks very reminiscent of a certain, unmentioned telly show. But come on, it's all in the name of fun and just maybe it's the beginning of a multi-platinum record deal with stupid amounts of money and a spot on Cribs-you never know who might be in the audience.

Flag Day, 7 p.m. June 14, the Flag Plaza, Northside Park, 125th Street Bayside, Ocean City, (410) 250-0125, Come on be honest, when is the last time you celebrated Flag Day? You like your independence don't you? Freedom of speech anyone? Okay you get the picture. Be nice and bring grandpa, let him tell his stories again on the car ride there. See it as grandpa's day with patriotic music.

Art's Alive, June 16-17, Northside Park, 125th Street Bayside, Ocean City, (410) 250-0125, You know it's inevitable that no matter how many times you visit the O.C, you will take a little piece of it home: an air-brushed license plate, a stinky hermit crab, caramel corn, or salt-water taffy. So why not bring home a nice piece of art that could possibly be hung up or displayed around the house? Take a leisurely stroll through beautiful art displayed around the lagoon. It will have more longevity than an old-time photo where you look sunburned and over it.

Sundaes in the Park, 6-8 p.m. July 15, 22, and 29, and every Sunday in August, Northside Park, 127th Street Bayside, Ocean City, (410) 250-0125, Dance barefoot in the sand while your lawn chair chills in the sidelines. Make merry because it's almost dark out and you're still in shorts with a visor on, you love it! When it's dinnertime, get in line to make your own sundae. The only thing you gotta worry about is not missing the sun set.

OC Custom Car and Bike Show, Aug. 4-5, Convention Center, 40th Street and Bay, (302) 436-0183, Funk Master Flex is in da house. This event's gonna be off the chain, with phat rides, the hottest models, and DJs spinning like our rims. Rev Run is gonna make an appearance, too.


Art League of Ocean City, 502 94th St., Ocean City, (410) 524-9433,, free. When the ocean looks so pretty you get the urge to paint a picture of it, don't just roll over. Hop into a quickie little art workshop and bring home the mother souvenir of all souvenirs with your newfound talent for painting, wire sculpture, or the hottest new trend, scrapbooking. Loves it!

Carousel Ice Rink, 11700 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, (410) 524-1000,, $5-$7. The ultimate way to cool off and get away from the hot, hot, hot sun. Just don't get caught paying the four dollars to get in there and lay your sunburned body on the ice, that's just weird. Do your ankles tell you ice-skating is a spectator sport? Leave it to the pros and catch a professional ice show every night in July and August.

DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum, 708 Ocean Highway, Fenwick Island, Del., (302) 539-9366,, donations accepted. A shipwreck is like a time capsule-all the artifacts aboard are frozen in time together. The Titanic is child's play to this Museum, they dig much deeper (get it) into the history of these grand tragedies. Pick up one of the old coins and reenact one of the greatest all time shipwreck movies, "This one, this one right here, this one is my wish, and I'm taking it back, I'm taking it all back." Hello, Goonies!

Jolly Roger Amusement Park, 30th Street and Coastal Highway, Ocean City, (410) 289-3477, You don't have to be from Maryland to know that great white shark that's busting through the side of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not on the Boardwalk. Next time you're passing by, take the time to stroll through, then you can say you spent the day at the museum. Or what better way is there to throw up your Thrashers Fries than a looping rollercoaster? Before you head home take your camera to the top of the tallest ferris wheel in the O.C. and impress your friends on MySpace.

O.C. Parasail, 54th Street, Ocean City, (410) 723-1464,, $50-$70. We're pretty darn experienced here City Paper, and we can tell you a thing or two about parasailing that you might not know: The best part is take off and once you get your ass up there, 800 feet in the sky, it is so damn quiet and peaceful. The flight is so incredibly relaxing you could skip yoga for the week. Just do it.

Ocean City Factory Outlets, Route 50 and Golf Course Road, Ocean City, (410) 213-7898,, Tanger Outlet Centers, Route 1, Rehoboth, (302) 226-9223, As if we gotta remind you to stop by the outlets on your way to or from the beach. Yah can't really miss `em, can you? It is the best way to beat the hell out of a rainy day on vacay.

Ocean City Paintball and Beach Attack, 12605 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, (410) 213-2500, Oh hell no! No freaking way are you getting us out there with you, to get shot in the kidneys with a blast of paint. Have fun. Since we won't play, the least we can do is give you a City Paper sizzlin' hot tip right? If you hit the web site, there is a coupon for a free game. There you go, your first game is on us, now quit pointing that thing this way.

Planet Maze and Laser Storm, 33rd Street, Ocean City, (410) 524-4386, A safer alternative to blowing each other up with bullets of color: Laser light beams. The outfits have a futuristic vibe and you get to wear a headset instead of a helmet. They also have a "out of this world" mini putt-putt, a foam forest, and a three-story slide.

Surf Sessions, 35th Street, Ocean City, (410) 524-8520, Has the pessimist in you always thought the waves in Ocean City were less than par? Well the good news is, that makes them perfect for learning to surf. "Catch a wave, you'll be sitting on top of the world."

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