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A Gay Old Time

City Paperís Fourth Annual Queer Issue

Posted 6/13/2007

Itís Pride, that glorious time of year when we raise our rainbow flags, remember the Stonewall riots, and take stock of the year in gayosity. Locally, itís been a year of waiting--hey, Court of Special Appeals, whereís that gay marriage decision already?--and celebrating beginnings and endings: Leonís turned 50, the Hippo turned 35, the GLCCB turned 30, and Gallagherís served its last beer.

Itís also been a year of steps forward and back for Marylandís transgender community. Dana Beyer became the first transgendered person to run for the General Assembly, but she didnít win. A bill was introduced to protect transgendered people in the state from discrimination, but it didnít get out of committee. Still, we hear that Equality Maryland is gearing up for a year of fighting for our transgendered brothers, sisters, and brothers/sisters rights, so things are about to get interesting.

Nationally, itís been a year of only modestly newsworthy coming outs, which speaks to the continued mainstreaming of gay culture. T.R. Knight came out, as did Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Pierce, Lance Bass, and Suze Orman--not exactly big shocks, but kudos for making it official. And a bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would make it illegal for employers to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Other good news nationwide: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in favor of recognizing same-sex couplesí right to legal unions, and Washington state hopped on the civil-unions bandwagon, though the law wonít go into effect until after Pride. And it looks like whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination will be all for repealing Donít Ask, Donít Tell--though the chances any of them supporting marriage equality donít look so good.

All in all this year has felt like something of a placeholder. Maybe weíre gathering our resources and making sure weíre properly stretched and prepared for the coming yearsí struggles.

While we wait, this yearís Queer Issue offers some pre-leap reading material. Laura Laing susses out the oral history of Leonís, Baltimoreís oldest continuously run gay bar. Heather Harris talks to three interracial same-sex couples about raising their children. Out and proud Stephen Sattler remembers stepping back into the closet for a high-paying job. And, of course, we have the Pride Guide, a calendar of events both official and tangential taking place during this time of celebration, because no one said we couldnít have a little fun while preparing to change the world.

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