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Posted 5/21/2008

It's not always easy being Green in the summer, what with staying hydrated but not using plastic water bottles and wanting to chillax in nature but having to get in the damn car to get to the trees. Still, it's on our mind. So, in the midst of a forest full of summertime attractions and happenings in this lovely Sizzlin' Summer guide, we remind y?all--more than once--to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Better yet, leave everywhere you go from here to Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, May through August, from berry festivals to outdoor concerts, museums to parks and streams and the beach, better than you found it by recycling, carpooling, or just going easy on the plastic plates. Every event's a kids? event when you consider the health of our big blue marble. And hurry, your soysicle is melting.

Katherine Hill filled this big yellow bin of a Sizzlin' spectacular with as many summertime attractions and happenings as could fit without overflowing onto the so-hot-it-could-fry-an-egg curb. Christina Bumba and Stephanie Thornton were invaluable as collectors and rinser-outters, and Wendy Ward rallied the girl power, ?cause No Boys Allowed in this hug-a-tree house!

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