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Poetry Winners

"Our Beloved Charles Willoughby"

Third Place

By Christopher Adams | Posted 11/26/2008

I'm Just my sister with a beard. Or think
The circus we'd long run away from seems
To think so anyway. Hairs in the sink,
A duffle bag: those found us, broke my dreams.

They put me in a clown car. Of the meals
I could have given up it's breakfast. Half
My cornflakes and I'm gone. No talk, no deals.
Instead there's many. Too much I can't laugh.

December father comes to visit me.
He's bearing gifts. The snow's his head and shoulders.
I have been small I tell him: do, re, mi.

Then I'm up early and enough to jog
Until my feet are soaking. Water smolders.
My friend and I went camping with her dog.

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