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Comics Feature

The Rest

Adventures In Living With Brittney by Brittany Wight

Comics Issue 2009

8th Annual City Paper Comics Contest By overwhelming majority vote, Afrocentric feminist and regular letter-to-the-editor writer Larn...

First Place: Just Ask Larnell ... | By Larnell Custis Butler

Second Place: St. Sebastian Materializes In The Present Day ... | By N

Third Place: Bruiser & Dude Child ... | By Christopher Adams

Honorable Mention Edgerock by M.G. Toth Untitled by Ben Stiegler Pickle Jar by Rya...

The Rest ...

Simple Cartooning Tips for The Comics Inclined Some pointers for future would-be cartoonists thinking about entering the next City Paper Comics Contest. | By Benn Ray

The Judges Speak Just Ask Larnell by Larnell Custis Butler I want to watch this self-destruct. Cuz you know it wi...

Posted 9/9/2009

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