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Comics Feature

The Judges Speak

Posted 9/9/2009

Just Ask Larnell by Larnell Custis Butler

I want to watch this self-destruct. Cuz you know it will. And it will be awesome. (Benn Ray)

Larnell for the win, basically because this is so, so much bona fide crazy that I can see looking forward to this every week with a little shiver of apprehension. The fact that Larnell is actually a buttoned up little old lady makes it 10 times better (worse?)--I am compelled to imagine sweet Larnell taking a plunger in the rear or fucking her dog. Incredible. Should run with a bio of her every week so readers can also have this in their heads, because I don't want to be alone with these thoughts anymore. (Emily Flake)

I was happy to see you guys picked this also. It's the only one that I thought was even remotely interesting/entertaining. No telling where it might go. Definitely the only one I would check up on each week to see what it was up to. It's the only one in the pack that at least seems to generate some sort of response (whatever that might be). I showed it to a few people and it got a pretty good mix of laughter/horrified cringes. That's kind of the best you can hope for with this bunch though I think. So yes--Larnell. For the whole year. Eat it like you like it. (Ben Claassen III)

Incredible work. I must see more of this comic strip. If these comics were written on a toilet wall I'd go back every day and photograph them and make a book. What a great comic! (Tony Millionaire)

These are CRAZY. How fucking EXCITED would you be to read a new one of these every week??? VERY VERY VERY EXCITED. There is something about it that really exemplifies what's so insane and great about Baltimore. I want this one to win so bad. (Dina Kelberman)

Needs more words, Larnell! (Tom Scocca)

St. Sebastian Materializes in the Present Day by N

This would be interesting to follow. I'm curious about the person's vision and what week #52 would look like. (BR)

Would probably get sort of old week in week out, but at least there is an actual idea here, and that idea is actually somewhat amusing. (EF)

This was probably drawn the best, and yes, somewhat amusing. But, yeah, 52 weeks in and I think this person might hate themselves--and their friends will be all like "Dude! You know what you COULD do with the arrows?" (BCIII)

A real comic! You wear gray canvas shoes, don't you? You eat toast for breakfast with a thin spread of cream cheese and cucumber. This is a real comic done by someone who knows what he's doing. I'd like to see his take on some other saints. Really nice work. (TM)

This looks good, gets funnier, and has a lot of potential. It's definitely my pick as the most "legitimate" comic in the stack. (DK)

Immediate response: this looks gorgeous after the first five. Hey, it is also a lot funnier! The hole punch is funny! This has the potential to be a Ziggy-With-a-Hat for the new century. (Tom Scocca)

Bruiser and Dude Child by Christopher Adams

The fact that he points out how central the narrative is in this disorganized jumble is the funniest thing about this. Titskulls. Uh huh. (EF)

I had a hard time picking out a third, but I eventually decided on this one. It's really not very "good" (if you will), and makes little or no "sense" (or what have you), but I thought it was a bit more "????" than a lot of the others?? Hmmm. That said, I can't believe I'm voting for something called Bruiser and Dude Child. (BCIII)

The boobs drew me in, GOOD WORK! The comic itself drew me out. The note at the end made me feel really guilty about the effort and the money you spent entering these contests. GOOD TOUCH! (TM)

Titskulls! The less I can follow the plot, the more I like. (TS)

Dumb Ass by June Schmidt

I think June Schmidt is a voice that must be heard. Perhaps if she cleaned up her panels a bit. (BR)

Great use of the old trick of drawing circles and smilies and writing a bunch of gibberish. (TM)

I feel like I found this on the ground. (DK)

This might be the worst. (TS)


Pickle Jar by Ryan Dumas

I find this one appealing. The Star Trek one made me laugh. I like the art--it's a little different from what I see in strips currently. Potential. (BR)

Just a deaf ear for comedy. The drawing is weird enough to be interesting, sort of, but the jokes are just weeeeak. (EF)

Merit badge: Pickle Jar (mainly cause it's at least got the beginnings of something--whatever that might be). (BCIII)

Fantastic strip, great characters, as good as Cathy! Great twist on the old, "I really work hard making these so you better like them" in the first strip. (TM)

The tractor-beam one is OK. (TS)


Sassyfrass by Jenna Brager

Perry Bible much? Polished line work but underneath it all beats the heart of a Cathy. (BR)

Poorly imagined and lame. Drawing could work for something but get somebody else to write it. (EF)

This could become a great comic. It is drawn well and has soul. The drawings alone are saying more than the words. With time, this person could become great. (TM)

Disturbing in maybe a good way, but not-funny in a bad way. (TS)


Edge Rock by M.G. Toth

A Reg Smythe Andy Capp style but unoriginal and uninspired, works better than his one-panel stuff but that's not saying much. (BR)

Lame jokes and bad MAD rip-off drawing. (EF)

I like this one. After about 100 more strips it will be good. It reminds me of the comics in VIZ. It's a place you go to, that's a strong point in comics. (TM)


Untitled by Ben Steiger

Interesting in a hippie way--the Stoop one made me chuckle--but too formless to be successful. (BR)

Pure crazytown, so interesting for five minutes. (EF)

This guy is the reborn S. Clay Wilson, or he would be if he'd draw 10 times as much and put in more motorcycles. GOOD! (TM)

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