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Comics Feature

Taste Like Chicken

The First Annual City Paper Comics Contest, or Maybe This Wasn't Such a Good Idea After All

Commentary by Daniel Pucca

Comics Issue 2002

Taste Like Chicken The First Annual City Paper Comics Contest, or Maybe This Wasn't Such a Good Idea After All

Winner Taste Like Chicken

Second Place Maximum Man

Third Place (tie) PartiallyClips and Monkey Tails

Losers Remember, don't hate the judges, hate The Game. On second thought, go ahead and hate the judges.

Posted 9/11/2002

Where did we go wrong? We thought we'd have a nice little comics contest and reward some hard-working writer/artists with a little cash and some exposure here in print and on our Web site. However, the enpaneled comic-reading judges (whoever happened to be around the office that afternoon) have spoken and we end up with Taste Like Chicken. That's the title of the Big Winner in the first (and quite possibly the last) City Paper Comics Contest.

Taste Like Chicken, which scored practically twice the votes of its nearest competitor, Maximum Man, will be available weekly at for an entire year. PartiallyClips and Monkey Tails tied for Third.

Taste Like Chicken? Sigh. We invite you to turn the page and examine a broad sampling of the qualifying entries in this year's City Paper Comics Contest. Who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy Taste Like Chicken as thoroughly as some of the judges did. Good Lord. Taste Like Chicken. Honestly, we counted the votes over and over and it still comes up Taste Like Chicken. We're sorry.

Qualifying entries:

Crime Master! (George Hill)

Cryptozoa (Androo Robinson)

Draculena's Tiny Little House of Horrors (Alice T. Crawly)

Eggland (Kevin Coelho)

Getting Started (Jim Sheehan)

H-Town, Halogen Bulb Confessions, Roland the Rat (Mike Ahern)

Jimmee Jimmins (Keith Hendrickson)

Lizzie's Meadow (Sarah Stotler)

Maximum Man (Dwayne Johnson)

Misanthropy (M. Jacob Alvarez)

Monkey Tails (Tony Hatzigiannakis)

PartiallyClips (Robert T. Balder)

Real Voodoo (Mary Knott and Beppi)

Road Work (Paul Woods and Andrew Shenker)

Rocket Science (Bill Ruh)

Saint Charles ( Devon Fick and Matthew Craft)

Social Disease (Anthony S. Thomas)

Taste Like Chicken (C. Kang and S. Kang)

Tin Can Man (Jack Trimper)

The Traumatic Life of Kitten Anderson (Mami Spector and Beppi)

Untitled entries (Mike Flynn)

Untitled entries (Victor West)

Way Out West (John Whelan and Rob Snyder)

Entry That Did Not Qualify Yet Captivated the Judges Sufficiently to Justify Reproduction in Print:

"Frog With Man in his Throat" by Nicholas Hypolite, age 11

The Judges

Anna Ditkoff, Tim Hill, Lee Gardner, Bret McCabe, Christopher Skokna, Van Smith, Erin Sullivan.

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