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Comics Feature


Social Disease "Not quite there." "Eh." "Women's lives as seen through the eyes of a man who doesn't know any."
Tin Can Man (Jack Trimper)
The Traumatic Life of Kitten Anderson (Mami Spector and Beppi) "Bleak, unredeeming, good draftsmanship." "This would be good with no text!" "Or, I want to share the minuti' of my life because nobody else will talk to me."
Mike Flynn "Lowbrow, sometimes obvious, sometimes hits." "Cavemen are funny, Larsonesque."
Victor West "No jokes? Hard to read." "Wants to be in AVAM, but not crazy enough." "Butchering the obvious."
Crime Master! (George Hill) "So immediately boring." "No irony! Competent." "I'd read it." "Kinda loose, needs to discover pens of different weights." "Or, selected single frames from a lost Blaxploitation 'classic.'"
Various Mike Ahern entries "Evan Dorkin ripoffs. Too 'Baltimore.'" "Former annoying MICA student."

Roland the Rat

Road Work (Paul Woods and Andrew Shenker) "Grad-school humor is not funny." "I kinda like the octopus one." "Artist would have much better luck taking out a personal ad that reads, 'SWM ISO anyone.'"
Way Out West (John Whelan and Rob Snyder) "Wants to be on the actual comics page. Never will be." "Slick, professional, but soulless." "Calvin & Hobbes + Cathy ÷ Doonesbury."
Saint Charles "Big on investment, short on return." "Too wordy." "It took two people to create this?" "A very good illustrator who wants to be a novelist."
Real Voodoo (Mary Knott and Beppi) "Creepy." "Better than [Beppi's] others, but still not funny, and hard to read." "Wacky made boring." "I like this--there isn't enough poetry in comics. Wait, what am I saying?"
Misanthropy (M. Jacob Alvarez) "Sometimes funny, but not often enough." "This is no Mike Flynn. Tries too hard." "If he's in high school, he's a genius. Otherwise, I'm scared."
Lizzie's Meadow (Sarah Stotler) "Hey, this is in pencil! I thought that was against the rules?" "Plushies! Still creepy, still not funny." "Busy, autistic/claustrophobic humor."
Jimmee Jimmins (Keith Hendrickson) "This guy has issues with his parents and bodily functions. I like sis' outfit." "Potential syndicate type."
Getting Started (Jim Sheehan) "His 'hip' use of clip art is only his first problem." "Trouble with the ladies?" "Or, pairing shit my friends say with artwork that came in my Windows OS."
Eggland (Kevin Coelho) "There's something about seeing an egg with a penis. . ." "For some reason, I like eggs, but not egg jokes."
Draculena's Tiny Little House of Horrors (Alice T. Crawly) "Also creepy." "No, it's not!" "Or, I am woman who no man will hit on."
Cryptozoa"A highbrow version of Mike Flynn's strip." "Indie rock is so '90s, too sincere." "Wow! That's mundane!" "I kind of like it. Am I all by myself?"
Rocket Science "Funniest when he's not funny."

Comics Issue 2002

Taste Like Chicken The First Annual City Paper Comics Contest, or Maybe This Wasn't Such a Good Idea After All

Winner Taste Like Chicken

Second Place Maximum Man

Third Place (tie) PartiallyClips and Monkey Tails

Losers Remember, don't hate the judges, hate The Game. On second thought, go ahead and hate the judges.

Posted 9/11/2002

Remember, don't hate the judges, hate The Game. On second thought, go ahead and hate the judges. Taste Like Chicken. Why, why?

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