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Big Books Intro

Chicks Dig It

Sam Holden

Big Books Issue 2003

Chick Lit 101 A Sex-Soaked, Candy-Colored, Indiscreet Romp Through the Hottest Gal Tales of the Season | By Lizzie Skurnick

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Cute Baltimore's Expert in Literary Girl Power Puts Her Finger on What's Wrong With Chick Lit | By Hanne Blank

Chicks Dig It Baltimore may never be mistaken for the hip, gritty, self-involved metropolis that is the New York o...

Sex and Charm City From the Bull's-Eye of the Target Audience, a Young Professional Woman Sounds off About This Summer's Books for Young Professional Women | By Wendy Ward

Posted 9/10/2003

Baltimore may never be mistaken for the hip, gritty, self-involved metropolis that is the New York of HBO's Sex in the City. But its influence has trickled down to Charm City, like just about any quasi-cosmopolitan area in the country, including local bookstore shelves. Sarah Jessica Parker's TV star vehicle, after all, is based on the runaway best-selling 1996 book by Candace Bushnell, and a tidal wave of titles that deal with dates, Prada, and the life of the working girl has since taken over the publishing biz faster than you can say Bridget Jones's Diary. They call it Chick Lit, and it has been the flavor of this summer's literary season.

For our annual Big Books Issue, City Paper contributing writer Lizzie Skurnick gives you the lowdown on Chick Lit. Meanwhile, writer Hanne Blank--Baltimore's self-styled authority on "sex, society, and culture"--sounds off on the trend. And CP's own Wendy Ward plows through some of this summer's top offerings, to see where--and whether--the whole Sex and the City thing fits into the life of a hometown girl. (Sam Holden snapped our singular Chick Lit photos, which were styled by Wendy Ward; special thanks to Karma Ward and Bob Sohn.) So tuck in and have some fun between the covers.

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