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Holiday Guide Introduction

Merry Whatever

City Paper's Annual Holiday Guide

M. Wartella

Holiday Guide 2003

Merry Whatever City Paper's Annual Holiday Guide

Home for the Holidays Finding My Way to Kwanzaa | By Waris Banks

Instant Kwanzaa A Quickie Guide to Celebrating the Holiday | By Waris Banks

Thanksgiving Click for a larger, Adobe Acrobat version.... | By Smell of Steve, Inc

Fir Sale Bagworms and Buck Antlers--a Look at Life in the Local Christmas-Tree Trade | By Brennen Jensen

Happiest Happy Apoco-Holidays Click for a larger, Adobe Acrobat version.... | By Emily Flake

On the List A Little Shopping Help From Us Here at City Paper (As If We Know What We're Getting Everyone)

New Year's Eve Click for a larger, Adobe Acrobat version.... | By Tom Chalkley

Posted 11/19/2003

We know, we know. The heavy winter coat is still in the back of the closet. We're barely past Halloween. Only the most obnoxious retail environments are tacking up the tinsel and rolling out the red and green. But, hey, we can't pretend it's not out there, looming overlit and sweet-smelling on the horizon. It's time for the holidays.

But that's the thing. It's the holidays, plural. And while the months of November and December seem to have been converted into some kind of weird Holiday Zone wherein all citizens in good standing are required to drop a bundle to support America's economy, wear reindeer sweaters, and gain five pounds, we're talking about a chunk of calendar devoted to all sorts of holidays, celebrating all sorts of things. And, if you're lucky enough, you've got things to celebrate: family, friends, faith, cultural pride, the passing of time, or even just a few days off. We know there isn't a winter holiday for everyone and everything, but we like to think almost anyone can find something to be merry about. And in the following pages, we do our best to put the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year's/whatever back in Christmas.

Holiday Guide 2003 was written by Waris Banks, Blake de Pastino, Anna Ditkoff, Lee Gardner, Tim Hill, Brennen Jensen, Joe MacLeod, Bret McCabe, Christopher Skokna, Van Smith, Erin Sullivan, and Wendy Ward. Our holiday comics were inked by Tom Chalkley, Emily Flake, and Smell of Steve Inc. Dawn Mercurio helped make the Holiday Guide events calendar list and check it twice. Interns Ali Fenwick, Jazmin Gardsz, Maha Jafri, Mariam Rahman, Michelle Ruddle, and Zachary Saxanoff helped wrap the package. Christopher Myers and Uli Loskot took the photos, with help from the CP Digi-Cam. Deanna Staffo and M. Wartella illustrated the fine illustrations.

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