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Holiday Guide Intro

O, Snap!

City Paper's Annual Holiday Guide

Jefferson Jackson Steele

Holiday Guide 2002

O, Snap! City Paper's Annual Holiday Guide

We Come Bearing Gift Suggestions . . . Let City Paper Help You Shop. No, Really, We Don't Mind.

The Christmas Shift Spending the Holidays on the Clock

Turkey Shoot Despite the Usual Christmas-Music Crap, a Few New (and Old) CDs Stand a Chance of Making Spirits Bright | By Bret McCabe

Advent Calendar of the Damned Download larger versions to print and tape to your wall: Days 1-13 Days 14-25... | By Emily Flake

Posted 11/20/2002

Holiday Guide 2002 was written by Blake de Pastino, Anna Ditkoff, Lee Gardner, Tim Hill, Brennen Jensen, Joe MacLeod, Bret McCabe, Christopher Skokna, Erin Sullivan, and Wendy Ward. Katherine Tiernan performed valuable research assistance, while Lauren Eshkenazi aided in compiling the Holiday Guide calendar. Amy Bruce, Amelia Morris, Debbie Niemeyer, Troy Hopper, and Kathleen Ruck provided elflike intern help. Athena Towery baked the gingerbread men, Jefferson Jackson Steele photographed them, and Mel Guapo took a bite out of one.

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