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Sizzlin Summer Intro

Sizzlin' Summer

What to Do and Where to Do It All Season Long

Sizzlin Summer 2001

Sizzlin' Summer What to Do and Where to Do It All Season Long

Fish in a Barrel Angling Made Easy Aboard a Charter Boat | By Michael Anft

Lions and Tigers and Bears Watching the Wild Things at the Region's Oldest Family-Owned Zoo | By Brennen Jensen

Bird is the Word At Picnic Time, There's Something About Maryland Chicken | By Natalie Davis

What a Dump Sampling the Subtle Pleasures of a Summer Landfill | By James Whitt

The Big Chill A Visit to the Coldest Place in Town | By Lee Gardner

Quick Study At Race Workers School, Lessons Are Built for Speed | By Shaun Blake

Beach Blanket Biblio Combing for Quality Books Set Amid Sand and Surf | By Eileen Murphy

Natural Selection Folk Remedies to Treat Your Summer Maladies | By Molly Rath

Posted 5/23/2001

Summer can be slow and erratic in arriving, as it plays a tug of war with a winter that hates to loosen its grip. But eventually Old Man W gives in and summer takes over full blast, usually right about now. Which makes this a real good time for a rundown of summer attractions and activities, which you'll find spread across the following pages.

We're not talking just warm-weather outdoor activities, such as sunbathing at the beach and mainlining funnel cakes at festivals. There's also plenty herein on year-round indoor stuff like museums and antiques shops--because once summer gets cranking full blast, you'll want to spend some time inside. And because summer is when you pile into the car and explore all that you can in a day or long weekend, we offer opportunities for recreating throughout Maryland and the mid-Atlantic, as well as a comprehensive list of things to do right here at home.

After an opening salvo of upcoming concerts and theatrical presentations regionwide, everything else that's going on is organized geographically. Well, not everything else, but enough to give your summer plans a pretty good shove in the right direction.

Sizzlin' Summer 2001 was compiled by Wendy Ward and edited by Ronald Hube, both of whom plan to spend the next three months or so recuperating.

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