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Sizzlin' Summer 2000

Sam Holden

Sizzlin Summer 2000

Hot Buttons Sizzlin' Summer 2000

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Posted 5/24/2000

As hard as it is for some folks to believe, there are people out there who hate summertime. Absolutely, positively hate it. The heat and the steam turn these otherwise pleasant people into wretched, ranting, sweating, stinking beasts. Really, it's true. But for those who like the dog days, we've put together a list of things to do and see and watch and listen to and eat and whatever from now until Labor Day. On the following pages, you'll find music and theater happenings in the Baltimore/Washington area and a bit beyond, then summer stuff of all types in Baltimore City and throughout Maryland. We even go into a few foreign states to highlight some of their offerings.

If you think you'll find every single summer event and attraction in this annual guide, then the heat must have already gotten to you. But we hope it serves as a solid point of departure for planning your May-September fun.

The 2000 Sizzlin' Summer calendar was compiled by Amy Baskerville and edited by Ronald Hube. The Sizzlin' sidewalk cover photograph is by Sam Holden. Thanks to Tristan Schluderberg, Trinaty Schluderberg, Chris Taylor, Francis Taylor, Matthew Thompson, John Dudley, Thomas Dudley, Thomas Busard, Christen Adkins, Nile Walker, Erik Boring, Susan Brubaker, and Bud for standing still long enough for us to take the picture.

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