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Imprints Literary Supplement

The Best Books You've Never Read

Suds in Your Eye

By Faye Houston | Posted 10/13/1999

Suds in Your Eye

Mary Lasswell

Out of print

Suds in Your Eye recounts the hilarious adventures of three of the most engaging old ladies in American fiction. Annie Freeley, widow and proprietor of Noah's Ark, a San Diego junkyard so named because "it has two of everything," is the linchpin and gardening genius of the saga. Erna Rasmussen, World War I widow, is the whiz-bang cook. Agnes Harriet Tinkham, retired spinster music teacher and thrift-store maven, brings joie de vivre and song. All three have an overwhelming fondness for good beer, good food, and good times. Pooling their meager pensions, they manage to capture a crook, save their home, and promote romance. Mary Lasswell captured the imagination of GIs and the homefront alike with this best-selling first novel, first published in 1942 and illustrated by artist George Price. (Five more adventures followed, along with a cookbook of Mrs. Rasmussen's recipes.) You won't find a funnier and more heartwarming story.

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