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Frenzy Feature


Music, Video Subjects of Cinema Talk

Film Fest Frenzy 2002

Lights Out A long spring weekend in a series of darkened rooms. On one level, that's what we're talking about h...

Discuss Music, Video Subjects of Cinema Talk

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Posted 4/24/2002

The state of movie technology and the state of the movie musical will be the topics of conversation at two filmmakers' panel discussions slotted into this year's MFF schedule.

With computerized editing becoming the industry standard and many filmmakers opting to shoot in digital video, there is increasing debate over whether traditional 35mm film remains the best format for theatrical moviemaking. The Technology Panel (May 4 at 10:30 a.m., Charles Theatre, Auditorium 3) will focus on the way new developments such as Web-cams and high-definition (HD) video are shaping 21st-century filmmaking. Guests: Peter Lynch, whose MFF entry Cyberman utilized multiple film and video formats; film and television director Sam Weisman (What's the Worst That Could Happen?), who recently shot episodes of The Bernie Mac Show using HD video; and Milford Thomas, whose festival feature Claire was shot on an antique silent-movie camera.

Did last year's sleeper hit Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Oscar-winning extravaganza Moulin Rouge! usher in a new age for the old song-and-dance? The Music Panel (May 4 at noon, Charles Theatre, Auditorium 3) assesses the present and future of the movie musical and their own efforts to keep the genre alive and singing. Guests: Pamela Corkey and Paul Tritter, writer/director and producer of festival entry Easy Listening; Isabel Rose and Robert Cary, star and director of another fest musical, Standard Time; and Anne Richardson, composer of the score for the silent film Claire.

Both panels will be moderated by Dan Mirvish, director of the festival short Open House, which was shot on digital video and is being developed into a feature-length musical.

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