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Top Ten

The Year in Quotes

Bon Mots by Joy Martin, Martin O'Malley, Keiffer Mitchell, Miss Maryland and Others

The Big Giant Head: Mayor Martin O'Malley (who had two quotes in the top 10)

Top Ten 2003

The Year in News O'Malley vs. Ehrlich, Public Housing Segregation Trial, Computer Voting, Baltimore's Primary Election, and More

The Year in Quotes Bon Mots by Joy Martin, Martin O'Malley, Keiffer Mitchell, Miss Maryland and Others

The Year in Film Another year, another intro essay bitching about the past 12 months of cinema...

The Year on Television So now it's official, there are two kinds of television: the kind you watch, and the kind you gawk at...

The Year in Music Jay-Z, Little Brother, OutKast, Stephen Malkmus, The White Stripes and more

The Year in Local Music Urban Ave 31, DJ Debonair, Misery Index, Lungfish, Richard Chartier and more

The Year in Art "Work Ethic" at the BMA, "Imperfect Innocence" at the Contemporary, Performance Video at UMBC, and Other Remarkable Shows

The Year in Books The Cadaver Industry; a Meditation on Race, Music, Family and Postwar America; Growing Up in the Bronx, and More

The Year on Stage Hedda Gabler, Dickens of a Carol, Misalliance, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Other Great Performances

The Year in Food Grilled Sardines, She-Crab Soup, Spicy Tuna Tartare, Pierogi and Other Memorable Morsels

Posted 12/17/2003


"They're closing us off like it's Escape From New York. They're building a big wall around us, and you can't get in unless you know the password--which is what? 'The city of Baltimore sucks?'" --Club Charles owner Joy Martin on the long closure of the Charles Street Bridge, which finally reopened over the summer (April 2).


"I leave the matter of my personal security to the police commissioner. And, like George McGovern said of Tom Eagleton, 'I trust him 1,000 percent.'" --Mayor Martin O'Malley on police Commissioner Kevin Clark. McGovern dropped Eagleton from his 1972 presidential ticket five days after he made that statement (Sept. 10).


"I got balls." "Who wants balls?" "Plenty of balls in my hand." --workers at Bingo World in Brooklyn Park (July 9).


"We're about as popular as the [former] Iraqi foreign minister." --City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell, D-4th, on anti-incumbent sentiment in the 2003 city primary election. (Incumbents won every City Council race in which an incumbent was running.) (May 14)


"To be Miss Maryland you got to be 100 percent ready, because it is a job. It's just like wanting to become the president of the United States." --Maurice Wilson, aka Jada Braxton, on what it takes to be Miss Gay Maryland (April 2).


"No. I think we should have set the goal at zero. Our new goal is now zero." --O'Malley on whether his goal to bring the city's murder rate down to 175 by 2002 was too ambitious (June 18).


"Why can't you get that through your fuckin' head? It's not illegal." --political-campaign adviser Julius Henson on the illegal tagging of cars by Andrey Bundley mayoral campaign, which Henson oversaw, with the candidate's fliers (Aug. 13).


"I must become a weapon of mass destruction with my black despised skin!" --Larnell Custis Butler, in her Da Sistah comic strip (Sept. 24).


"Usually the picture you see of Dundalk in the media is a rowhouse with police tape around it." --Greater Dundalk Alliance President Carolyn Jones (Jan. 8).


"That [rebellious] spirit is needed, but the bottom line is if it's going to block progress, then we've got to work to silence them." --City Council President Sheila Dixon on how she planned to handle a potential influx of new City Council members elected on anti-incumbent platforms (Sept. 3).

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