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Sizzlin Intro

Sizzlin Summer

City Paper's Summer Guide

Jeffeson Jackson Steele

Sizzlin Summer 1998

Sizzlin Summer City Paper's Summer Guide

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Posted 5/20/1998

Well, weren’t we wrong thinking we’d tied up all of our little loose ends last year. As you might recall from our last descent into all things Sizzlin’, we looked forward to summer by celebrating the demise of OJTV and to the prospect of hearing no more about Aberdeen, Bill’s penis, JonBenet, etc. But since then Cochran, Clark, and even Darden have become big-time media pundits, the Juice has clung onto the spotlight, the Aberdeen defendant got demoted, we learned that oral sex is at least one of Clinton’s favorite indoor activities (that’s the rumor, anyway), and the JonBenet story has refused to go away.

ùhat else happened during the past 12 months? Frank Sinatra died, his way. Jimmy Stewart died. Robert Mitchum died. Red Skelton died. Chris Farley died. Carl Perkins died. Di died. Mother Teresa died. John Denver died. Linda McCartney died. Lloyd Bridges died. Sonny Bono died. Michael Kennedy died. Burgess Meredith died. Marv Albert’s career died, as did those of Gerald Curran and (maybe) Larry Young. What little was left of Maria Shriver’s credibility died as she devoted a chunk of her news show to “exposing” Jerry Springer. Dr. Jack Kevorkian didn’t die, but more of his customers did. It was decided that Timothy McVeigh will die. And did anyone even notice that Fidel Castro met the Pope?

After all of that we need another vacation, and fast. From the Mario Lanza Museum in Philly to the other Edgar Allan Poe House in Richmond, Va., from the Nicholas and Alexandra exhibit in Delaware to the Mother’s Day Shrine in West Virginia and the nudist camp convenient to both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. (you reading, Bill?), there is a wealth of oddities and other interesting things nearby to satisfy our wanderlust. And once again this summer there will be plenty of festivals, fairs, and big-name concerts. Some things are for the entire family, while others give couples a chance to rekindle a romantic fire.

The following is a list of many summer places and happenings. It is by no means complete, but we hope it will whet your appetite. Have fun. See you when you get back.

The 1998 Sizzlin’ Summer calendar was compiled and written primarily by James Michael Brodie, Anna Ditkoff, and Jennifer Lefkowitz; Sam Holden and Jefferson Jackson Steele took the photographs. The following folks also made important contributions: Sara Atchityf Sarah Bouchard, Carl Davies, Natalie Davis, Frank Diller, Lee Gardner, Brennen Jensen, Heather Joslyn, Kate Leary: Shannon Lynch, Joe MacLeod, Andy Markowitz, Eileen Murphy, Larry Nichols, Augusta Olsen, Melissa Raske, Melena Ryzik, Michael Sachdev, and Julian Sifford. Thanks also to Ginger Townsend of Checkered Flag Amusements in White Marsh, for use of its go-kart facility, and special thanks to our young go-kart crew—Christopher Smallwood, who appears on the cover, and Frankie and Rikky Gonzales, pictured at left—and to their parents.

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