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Poetry Winners

The Biker Mermaids

First Place

By Mark S. Sanders | Posted 10/20/2004

the biker mermaids are unconcerned

with their irreconcilable image

they feel no obligation

to divulge their talent

for negotiating their engines

without riding sidesaddle


they wouldn’t think

of dividing themselves

into anything as common as legs

they remain contentedly unavailable

to childbirth and bowel movements

inarguably, they have their mystique


no longer interested in unreliable sailors

or lonely beachcombers, regardless of their means

those freewheeling days

of breaching topless off the starboard bow

a reminiscence quaint as scrimshaw

and just as irretrievable


they have doffed their stifling ball gowns

and graciously returned their superfluous tiaras

last seen waving from the whistling docks

naked under their rumpled hair

gnashing slick, wriggling fish

snatched from the salty nets


they rumble out beyond the breakers

their laughter coarse as hungry gulls

they allow the moon

to sift their hair

with its cool, delicate fingers

and surface only to smoke

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