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Holiday Guide Intro

Gimme Gimme This Gimme Gimme That

City Paperís Annual Holiday Guide

Alex Fine

Holiday Guide 2004

Gimme Gimme This Gimme Gimme That City Paperís Annual Holiday Guide

Giving the Gift of Gifts The City Paper Staff's Suggestions for How to Buy Your Family's Love this Year

Calling All Angels How You Can Help Local Organizations With The Gift Of Your Holiday Dollars | By Edward Ericson Jr.

How Much Is That Pony in the Window? A Look At The Financial And Emotional Costs Of Getting Your Kid A Pony For Christmas | By Gadi Dechter

Wish List Local Moms Make Holiday Wishes For Their Children | By Christina Royster-Hemby

Ho-Ho-Home For the Holidays | By Emily Flake

Some Like It Hot Hereís How Explains How to Fire up Hot Holiday Drinks | By Van Smith

City Paperís 2004 Holiday Guide We are so psyched for a break from the usual routine, from the 9 to 5, from,well, work. And that's...

Posted 11/17/2004

For all the talk about faith, family, and peace on Earth this time of year, most of your holiday-related hours arenít going to be spent at church or synagogue or even in a heartwarming family tableau. They will be spent buying gifts for family, friends, co-workers, and that random person thatís going to get you something even though you only speak once a year. So to help you through the trying experience of spending your hard-earned cash, here some tips to make this a holly-jolly holiday for all.

Be nice to retail workers. If you think spending two hours at the mall sucks, try eight or more. And with store hours extended and rampaging crowds, they are probably even more exhausted and miserable than you are. So be patient and give them a smile. Theyíre trying their hardest. As a gift to your fellow shoppers, donít write checks in long lines. Everyone behind youís heart will be three sizes smaller by the time you finish showing ID and writing down your driverís license number. And donít return anything until January. November and December are about giving and receiving. January is about returning what you received for the things you really wanted.

If you need some ideas for what to get the people on your list, check out our gift guide. If you want some perspective on people who have less and need more, or on ways you can give your hometown a liíl something in its stocking, weíve got you covered there, too. If youíre thinking of actually buying a pony for a kid on your list, you really need to read this first. Meanwhile, this illustrated feature can perhaps help you work out your familial angst. If after all that shopping you need a stiff drinkówe bet you willóturn to our guide to hot alcoholic beverages. Theyíre sure to make any holiday soiree a blazing success. And when youíre all done, our annual guide to all things end-of-the-year will give you guidance on fun holiday stuff to take your mind off, uh, the holidays. Happy shopping.

Holiday Guide 2004 was written by Blake de Pastino, Gadi Dechter, Anna Ditkoff, Edward Ericson Jr., Lee Gardner, Tim Hill, Joe MacLeod, Bret McCabe, Christina Royster-Hemby, Christopher Skokna, Van Smith, Erin Sullivan, and Wendy Ward. Emily Flake lent her artistic skills and less-than-jolly sense of humor to the holiday cartoon and illustrations. Gina Callahan and Wendy Ward compiled a seemingly endless list of Nutcrackers, A Christmas Carols, and other holiday events. Interns Auriane de Rudder, Sarah Estes, Sarah Haller, Janice Min, Kimberly Phelan, Scott Sell, and Sarika Talve-Goodman helped us deck our pages. Uli Loskot, Christopher Myers, and Jefferson Jackson Steele took the photos, with help from the CP Digi-Cam, and Alex Fine did the cover.

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