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Top Ten

The Year in Quotes

Sam Holden
BMA curator Chris Gilbert

Top Ten 2004

The Year in News “There’s a myth that emanates around some floors in Annapolis,” Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley told... | By Van Smith

The Year in Quotes 1 “The First Amendment doesn’t say you have to be good.” — street-performance advocate Stephen Bair...

The Year in Sports Suffice it to say that 2004 will not go down as a banner year in the annals of Baltimore sports. ... | By Gabriel Wardell

The Year in Film Cheer up: 2004 was a good year—at least for film. While the past 12 months didn’t produce a film as ...

The Year in Television The “moral values” referendum surprised and rebuked lefties in Hollywood and elsewhere. The post-Nip...

The Year in Music Run down the list of recent heavyweights that released albums in 2004 which have moved units but los...

The Year in Local Music Only one local music story really percolated around Baltimore newsrooms this year: Paula Campbell. T... | By Bret McCabe

The Year in Art Sure, 2004 was the year of Baltimore’s very own public art controversy, in the guise of Jonathan Bor...

The Year in Books Yeah, publishers keep telling us that the book business these days really belongs to nonfiction, tha...

The Year on Stage The vamping post-op transsexual of our No. 1 selection notwithstanding, this year’s roster of Baltim...

Posted 12/15/2004


“The First Amendment doesn’t say you have to be good.” — street-performance advocate Stephen Baird on a suggested City Council bill to require street performers to have licenses (Feb. 4)



“This is not a show about art, and there is no claim made that what we are presenting is art or should be considered art.” —Baltimore Museum of Art contemporary art curator Chris Gilbert on a series of group shows at the museum (Nov. 10)



“People don’t use [euphemisms] in the bedroom. I mean, how many women actually use the word ‘manhood’?” — erotica author Zane on the frank language in her writing (Sept. 15)



“Any individual who says you can obtain the rights and benefits of marriage through seeing a lawyer is either stupid or lying.” — Dan Furmansky, the executive director of Equality Maryland, speaking on the gay marriage issue (Feb. 25)



“When I informed my [Washington, D.C.] friends that they were going to have to come up to Baltimore to see me, they said, ‘Well, we might as well part company now, because I’m not coming to Baltimore to see you.’ And then somebody else said: ‘Where would we eat?’” —Greg Grenier on moving to Baltimore (Sept. 22)



“I came upon [existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul] Sartre in the back of the Louvre after a lecture. Since he was walleyed, I realized that he asked someone else to help him find a cab, and all I’d really gotten was his eye.” — philosopher Alphonso Lingis on his studies in Europe during the 1950s (July 14)



“Let’s show the City what the neighborhood has become: a group of tax paying, crime-deterring yuppies. Here we come, like it or not!” — Jeff Ratnow in an e-mail trying to energize people to come out in support of Captain Larry’s in South Baltimore (Sept. 29)



“We were not disturbing the peace. We were, in fact, disturbing the war.” — peace activist Cindy Farquhar in response to charges of disorderly conduct brought after she tried to hand-deliver a letter protesting the Iraq war to the National Security Agency (Sept. 1)



“He’s a very nice person. He wears a suit and I always wear a red shirt, and you can tell us apart because of that.” — David Greene, the Green Party candidate in the 4th City Council district race, on incumbent City Councilman Ken Harris (Oct. 6)



“I don’t know what’s with your paper. You never endorse me.” — 2nd District City Councilwoman Paula Johnson Branch (Sept. 15)

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