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Eat Feature

Restaurant Women's Rooms Reviews as Told to Me by My Girlfriend

Emily Flake

Eat Special Issue 2005

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Eat 2005

By Bret McCabe | Posted 3/2/2005

I'm in love with a woman for whom the term “high maintenance” barely approximates how demanding she can be. (Sorry, guys: She's mine.) She's also got a bladder the size of a dried green split pea. As in, one time she used the Mount Royal Tavern men's room because waiting wasn't an option. (Again, back off, boys: She's spoken for.) So anytime we're away from the house to, say, grab a bite to eat, nature inevitably calls. And because I'm always the person waiting for her when she returns, I am the recipient of impromptu impressions of Baltimore facilities that I will probably never see with mine own eyes.


“Small but cute. I think they crammed, like, three stalls in there, but they weren't too narrow and they were very well lit, because you're a woman and you're having dinner, so you check yourself afterwards.”

Bangkok Place

“I'm indifferent to that one, actually, but they make a little bit of an effort with decoration. Not much, but a little bit. And the lighting is awful. Florescent lighting is just never a good idea. Spend the extra dollar on a bulb and make it better.”

Brass Elephant

“They got nice big mirrors and the stalls are big enough, which is good if you're heavy or, I don't know, pregnant. Some places have stalls that are just, are you kidding me. Not here.”

Caesar's Den

“Ugh--your knees are touching the door.”

Café Hon

“Café Hon is nice because it's cute and kitschy. It's got some flamingos and it's well thought out vs. a lot of other places where you'd think there'd be decorations but instead they're just sterile. And the fact that it's signed women's, as opposed to other places where they don't do anything or put some stupid picture on the door.”

Double-T Diner

“The Double T I like because they have the double doors as you walk in, so if you're a diner around there you don't hear constant flushing. But the sinks are a little inconvenient and they're not really where they should be.”


“I like Ixia a lot because it's the old Louie's--it's those big stalls, there's lots of color. It's kinda dim, but that's OK because you're in a dim restaurant. But it's very inconvenient. Lots of steps, and if you've got to go you've got to go.”

Lexington Market

“Junkies. Need I say more?”


“It's little, but I really like it because it's got the pretty curtains that you go through to go inside. But it is unisex, so there's that.”

New Wyman Park Restaurant

“You might as well be in a fucking coffin. And it's gross and they never clean it.”

Ocean Pride

“They were decent sized and weren't awful, but they didn't have any wipes. You're at a crab house, there should be some hand wipes in the bathroom. Old Bay shouldn't touch certain parts.”

Pacific Rim

“It was OK, and it's got the car seating, which has its own kitschy charm. If you wanted to, say while you're peeing, have someone watch you, it's got this seat part from, like, an old Buick or something. It's kind of odd, and you're sitting there thinking, OK . . .

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