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Eat Feature

Restaurants He'll Take You to Before He Stops Taking You to Restaurants

Eat Special Issue 2005

Stuff It City Paper’s Annual Guide to Filling Your Face

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Eat 2005

By Anna Ditkoff | Posted 3/2/2005

The beginning of a relationship is a restaurant wonderland. It seems like every night you're going to a different place to eat, having romantic little dinners for two all over town and traveling the world via menus. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, because by the time that first anniversary comes around most of your dinners together are going to be on the couch. This list doesn't really offer suggestions. It's more a restaurant chronology of a relationship.


Your first date was at the Helmand. Just about everyone's first date was at the Helmand. If you want to get an accurate picture of all the interconnecting love lives in Baltimore, quit your job and become a waiter at the Helmand.

The reason everyone's first date is here is because he's trying to show you a nice night with interesting food without completely emptying his wallet. And with food this good you won't get sick of it no matter how many first dates you go on.

Thai Restaurant

You end up here at some point in the first month or so because, like the Helmand, Thai Restaurant offers lovely ambiance, excellent food, and an affordable price tag.


See “Restaurants to Go to on a Date When You're Hoping It'll End in Drunken Groping.

Ambassador Dining Room

Ah, let the romance begin. He's taking you here for a pampered evening of luxurious Indian food and some of the prettiest outdoor dining in town. Haven't put out yet? Time to start thinking about it.


Has he said “I love you” yet? It's only a matter of time. Soigné is too expensive for a casual relationship, so if you're sitting across the table from your sweetie at this South Baltimore joint, things are getting serious.

Martick's Restaurant Francais

This is a bonding experience. You've probably been going out for a while, so he feels comfortable enough to take you somewhere that has no outward appearance of being a restaurant. The food is excellent, and the almost too dark dining room is definitely romantic. But the thing that will really make the two of you grow closer as a couple is charming/irascible proprietor Morris Martick pulling up a chair at your table, or listening to him yell at a waiter in the near empty dining room. It's perfect practice for meeting each other's families. And once that happens, kiss these dinners goodbye.

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