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City Paper’s 2005 Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

Deanna Staffo

Sizzlin Summer 2005

Hot Topic City Paper’s 2005 Sizzlin’ Summer Guide

Not So Bad Boys Riding Along with the Inner Harbor’s Bicycle Cops | By Gadi Dechter

Something in the Air Ten Reasons To Hold Your Breath This Summer | By Erin Sullivan

Maritime Tragedies Or, Bummers Downy Euchin' | By Emily Flake

Naked Hunch Searching for Assateague’s Clothing-Optional Beach | By Rebecca Alvania

The Funnel Cake Effect A Look Back at Festivals From Baltimore’s Past | By Christina Royster-Hemby

Summer in the City Seasons of Change Growing Up in Edmondson Villge | By Laurence Bass

How’s It Vending Baltimore’s Vendors Tell You What It’s Really Like to Hock Your Wares in the Hot Sun | By Auriane de Rudder and Sarah Estes

Unpasturized Inside The Not-So-Simple Life of a Teenage Cowgirl | By Jill Yesko

For What Ales Ya City Paper’s Third Annual Search For the Coldest Beer in Baltimore

Posted 5/25/2005

This is the spot where we usually provide an introduction to our annual all-things-summer issue, spouting off about all the things that make summer so, well, summery. We rack our brains to think of new ways to talk about sno-balls, crabs, stoop sitting, and, whew, damn it’s hot. But hey, you know the drill. As soon as the azaleas bloom and die, as soon as the mosquitoes start to whine around your ears in the dusk, as soon as the pool’s open, as soon as the extra-long extra-large white T-shirt reappears as the fashion rage on every other Baltimore corner, summer’s here: three months of heat, more heat, trying to stay cool, good produce, and frizzy hair. You’ve got that ahead of you, and, as we do every year, we’re gonna spend a whole issue on it, so let’s stop wasting time and risking working up a sweat. Boom—summer. Here we go.

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