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Best Place for Boys to Meet Boys

Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon

909 N. Charles St., (410) 685-7427

Posted 9/15/1999

We had a little bit of trouble tracking this one down. There are the obvious bar choices, but we wanted to know where nondrinking queers could go to scope out the scenery. The White Marsh and Towson Bally's were suggested, but we fear the steroid rage if those straight bodybuilders intercept our homoerotic glances, and besides, we lack the prerequisite washboard abs. Instead we chose a place that is very gay-friendly, actively supports the community with both time and money, serves great ribs, and employs some of the nicest gay and lesbian (and het) servers around. We admit we are a little frightened by the big boar's head gazing implacably at us as we tuck into our full rack of ribs, but we figure we're still higher up in the food chain, right? Besides, looking around and seeing the predominately gay clientele eating, drinking, and making merry is a sight to make one proud.

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All Awards for Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon:

Best Ribs, 9/22/2004

Best Lesbian Bar, 9/17/2003

Best Bar, Mount Vernon, 9/18/2002

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